Top Wedding Trends for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, we take a look at some classy, odd, interesting and inspiring wedding trends for 2016.

wedding trends for 2016


Bold Colour Choices

From bright highlights, to subtle ombre arrangements and even metallics, expect to see striking use of colour in everything from table arrangements, seating decoration, bouquets, and even the bridal dress itself.

Anything but Cake

We don’t expect the total death of the wedding cake (especially after looking at some of the gorgeous cakes linked to from our Award Winning Wedding Cakes and New Trends for 2016 post), but there’s been an explosion in alternatives to the traditional sponge-and-icing wedding cake. Favourites include macarons (which can be displayed in amazing colour combinations), sorbet, cookies and ice cream!

Mismatched/Separate Bridesmaids

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a great way of getting colour into your wedding and having happier bridesmaids. Mismatched outfits can be more flattering to body types and adaptable to use beyond the wedding day, especially if you combine this with the trend towards separate tops and skirts.

Hashtags, GoPros and Shared Videos, Oh My!

Social media and technology in general has taken over the rest of our everyday lives – so why not weddings?

A hashtag can help you make arrangements before the ceremony, and gives your guests a go-to hub for information, photos and videos. A GoPro (or other similar camera) can be bought or rented to capture footage of not just the ceremony, but the whole day and even the honeymoon. This footage can then be edited into a highlight reel (by yourself or a professional) and shared with whoever you choose, and is much more convenient to access than a physical photo album or DVD. If you don’t want to use a GoPro, you can ask guests to share footage captured on their smartphones or tablets.

Destination/Intimate Weddings and Later Receptions

Destination weddings and a smaller, more intimate wedding party/guest list are on the rise, as are larger receptions a time after the wedding ceremony. Destination weddings are actually a good way of saving money if planned properly, and later receptions are a perfect time to show off your shared video of highlights from the ceremony and honeymoon.

Plunging Necklines (and Backs)

A 2016 runway trend, V-necks can be as deep, wide and revealing as you like, and are flattering for many types of body shape.  There’s also a trend toward an exposed back with a similar plunging V-shape, which can again be as bold or as subtle as you desire.

Rustic/Natural – With a Touch of Glam

The woodland trend is a perfect companion for the trend towards the natural look that’s been appearing on everything from table settings to location choices. Expect to see more rustic chic in decoration (think pretty touches of glam such as fancy crockery on natural wooden tables) and even bridal wear.


Cocktails and Mocktails

Classic cocktails are making a comeback for weddings. With a huge menu to choose from, and many family/non-alcoholic-friendly recipes available, it’s easy to see why cocktails are becoming an increasingly popular wedding choice.

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