Tips for Wedding Day Makeup and Skincare – Part Two

wedding day makeup and skincare

Following on from our Tips for Wedding Day Makeup and Skincare – Part One, we have collected some more clever tips and great advice for glowing skin and hassle-free makeup for before and during your wedding day.

Have a Touch-Up Kit

Your makeup wears off during any regular day, and with all the hugging, kissing, drinking, eating, talking and (most likely) crying you’ll do on your wedding day, this is even more true. If you like to keep up appearances in the makeup department, then pack a small touch-up kit of your essentials to keep you going through the day.

Prepare for Tears

It may seem obvious, but waterproof mascara is an absolute must for the emotional rollercoaster of a wedding day. If you opt for false lashes, be aware that the adhesive will most likely not survive tears, and that the lashes will be difficult to re-apply if your eyes are tearful or swollen.

Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet need just as much attention as the rest of the skin on your body. If you’re having a manicure or a pedicure for the big day, taking care of your hands and feet before the ceremony will provide a better base for treatment. Caring for your hands and feet also gives you a great excuse for a quick massage. We especially like the relaxing and refreshing techniques in the videos below.


Another factor (if you pardon the pun) that can be overlooked in skin nourishment and protection is sunscreen. If you’re not in the habit of applying it, the run-up to your wedding is a great time to to so, even if you’re not prone to burning. Be careful if you are wanting to tan naturally – strap marks and burns can be very hard to cover up and take a long time to heal.

Add Extra Time for Makeup Application

Even if you’ve got your pre-ceremony preparations planned like clockwork, leave yourself some extra time so you don’t feel rushed and can work around any unexpected delays or longer than expected application times. The worst case scenario is that you’ll have a bit of extra time on your hands before the ceremony, which is better than being in a rush.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Whatever the weather, make sure your lips are nourished and protected with a balm or gloss that is at least SPF 15. A good tinted gloss in your makeup touch-up kit for later on during your wedding celebrations can also be less fussy to apply than lipstick.

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