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How to make your wedding less annoying for guests – Part Two

Continuing from last week’s article, here’s our final advice for making your wedding less annoying for guests:

4/ The “Traditional” Wedding

Look, sticking to all the rules and traditions means that the best you can ever hope to achieve is a perfect, carbon copy of every other traditional wedding your guests have ever been to, which means that, after all your effort, it won’t even stand out in their memory as a distinct event, blurring into one mnemonic mega wedding. Continue reading

Ways to make your wedding less annoying for guests – Part One

This article is part one of a two part series:

Weddings are strange things, they’re supposed to be for you and your betrothed to celebrate your union, but in reality they are really just huge expensive parties to impress, placate or otherwise pander to as many friends and family as you can afford.

However, having accepted the fact that a successful wedding is one that keeps as many guests happy as possible, why is it that so many brides and grooms stick rigidly to old traditions that only annoy or inconvenience those guests? Continue reading