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Top Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Top Tips for an Outdoor WeddingThere are many reasons to want all or part of your wedding outdoors. If you have an open air venue that’s special to you, then there’s plenty of things to consider to make things run smoothly for you and your guests.

A venue which often has outdoor events will be prepared for the big details, but there are plenty of little details to prepare for which an indoor venue may not require.

Be covered

It may seem obvious, but there are many ways to stay covered. Gazebos and tents will keep people dry, cool and covered, but what about umbrellas, food covers, or even blankets? Depending on the location, length and time of year of the ceremony and reception, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is it covered?”.

Run with it

If you’ve chosen to have an outdoor wedding, then you should embrace the idea of having an outdoor wedding. Food, decoration, invitations, wedding party outfits and the general atmosphere can be influenced by your choice of venue and natural atmosphere. Finding out some interesting facts about the venue or sharing why it’s important to you is another good way to make it even more special.

Transportation consideration

An outdoor venue can have different transportation requirements to indoor wedding venues. Giving your guests plenty of notice in advance to prepare how the will arrive and leave will help take pressure off both you and them. Depending on the venue, hiring mass transport such as a bus or minivan could be the best way to transport your guests.

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Moving guests

Beyond arriving and leaving the venue, the movement of you and your guests is an important consideration. Make sure you know if there are any guests with mobility issues, and that they are able to have full access. For venues with grass or sand, inform guests in advance that certain types of footwear may not be advisable.