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Couple Spends Thousands on Social Media Wedding

Thousands on Social Media WeddingA couple from Nottinghamshire, UK have spent thousands on a social media wedding. Zoe Anastasi and Will Diggins were married on the 16 June, and as part of their wedding preparations, budgeted for social media management.

The couple reportedly paid around £6,500 to the Derby-based Social Media Weddings to create and manage various online channels, as well as photographers, technicians and copywriters. Social media channels included a Pinterest account, public Twitter and Instagram page, live video coverage on Persicope, a private Facebook page for friends and family, and people to oversee all the accounts before, during and after the couple’s big day.

Zoe said that the coverage would mean that family and friends abroad wouldn’t miss out and “feel part of the wedding even though they can’t make it to the actual wedding”.

Will also mentioned the connected nature of social media: “It’s a great way for people to see to see important events in your life, not for bragging purposes, but if you have someone who you haven’t seen for ages, technology used the right way can be great. It might come across that we’re a bit attention seeking, but it isn’t about that.”

Why I Want to be the UK’s First Social Media Wedding Bride

The Best Free Wedding Picture Apps

We’ve found some of the best free wedding picture apps to help you record your special day. Photographs are one of the most precious records of your wedding. Having an easy way for you and your guests to collect all the happy moments in one place is the first crucial step, so here are some of the best options for wedding photo apps.

Best Free Wedding Picture Apps - WedpicsWedpics (iOS, Android) [iOS download] [Android download] [website]

Wedpics is specifically designed for collecting and sharing unlimited wedding photos. Because of this, the app comes with additional features which can also help with your wedding planning, such as guest invitation and hosting wedding or venue information.

Guests are invited to Wedpics, and can either upload their photos through the app, or through the Wedpics website if they have a digital camera. You can also create albums for any part of your wedding, such as hen parties, rehearsals, or wedding showers.

Wedpics is hugely popular for a reason – reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many couples singing its praises in helping them capture many images from their wedding celebrations with ease.


Best Free Wedding Picture Apps - WedsocialWedSocial (iOS, Android) [iOS download] [Android download] [website]

Another app tailored towards helping you and your guests share wedding photos quickly and easily.

WedSocial has a few less frills than Wedpics, but what it does it does well – unlimited storage and easy downloading and sharing of pictures after the big day are the important things. The app also features the ability to share event information and the function to like and comment on photos.



3 Free Apps for Wedding Planning

3 Free Apps for Wedding Planning

Apps for Wedding Planning

You can guarantee that there’s an app for any occasion, and we’ve found three of the best free apps for wedding planning. These apps are a great way to get organised by quickly collecting and sharing information before, during and after the big day.

3 Great Free Apps for Wedding Planning

Evernote (iOS, Android) [download iOS] [download Android]

Apps for Wedding Planning - Evernote


Evernote is an extremely powerful productivity app, used by millions of people for millions of reasons. In terms of wedding planning, the Evernote app is incredibly useful. One of the most exciting features in the app is the ability to scan documents and store them. This is especially useful when you’re in the early stages of planning and don’t want to drown under the mountain of business cards, price lists, menus, shop signs and other miscellaneous bits of paperwork which will inevitably come your way.

Other features of Evernote include the ability to create and sync calendars, note-taking, camera capture and the ability to make checklists and set reminders.


Wedding Happy (iOS) [download iOS]

Free Apps for Wedding Planning - Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy is a great free planning app specifically designed for wedding planning.

the apps is designed to help you manage all kinds of event planning and set up deadlines, checklists and schedules. The app also features the ability to sync and share tasks, messages and progress notes across a variety of platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Wedding Happy comes with a very approachable and easy to navigate design, and a ton of glowing user reviews.


Wedding Planner (Android) [download Android]

Free Apps for Wedding Planning - Wedding Planner


If you like the sound of Wedding Happy, but don’t own an Apple device, then Wedding Planner is a great wedding organisation app for the same tasks of managing guest lists, checklists, budgeting and organising vendor contacts. The app also features the ability to back up your plans to external cloud storage platforms, such as Dropbox.

The Wedding Planner app has a clean and simple interface and very positive feedback from its many users.