Are There Really Only 10 Types of Wedding?

10 types of weddingAre there really only 10 types of wedding? This is the question raised by the recent publication of a Guardian article into “identikit weddings”, where the author chronicles her experiences of wedding planning after recently becoming engaged.

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s article is tongue in cheek, but as with any type of satire, there is a ring of truth about it. The types of wedding up for cheeky commentary are: Pinterest weddings (where everything looks like a Pinterest board come to life), barn weddings, the boho hipster wedding, and the neverending pre-celebrations of the American wedding.

Whatever stage of your wedding planning you are at, this article and the comments accompanying it is a good reminder to have a bit of humour and perspective about the whole process.

Something borrowed: the rise of the identikit wedding

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