Newlywed Nurse Gives CPR in Wedding Gown

Newlywed Nurse Gives CPR in Wedding GownA newlywed nurse gave CPR in her wedding gown to a woman who had fallen unconscious. Julie Stroyne Nixon was approaching the hotel where her reception was being held in Pittsburgh, USA with her new husband, Andrew Nixon when she heard someone call out: “Does anyone know CPR? Is anyone a doctor?”

Without hesitation, Julie rushed to the woman’s side, giving her CPR while an ambulance was called. “My nursing instincts just took over,” said Julie. “To be honest I don’t remember running. I just threw my purse and my flowers and just went into action. While it was happening, I wasn’t thinking much about my dress getting ripped or how funny it must have looked to see a bride run into action in her wedding dress, I’m just happy someone in the medical field was passing by.”

Julie managed to restore the woman’s pulse after a couple of minutes, and stayed with her while an ambulance arrived. The couple then joined friends back at their reception to share the unusual reason for their delay.

Julie’s new husband, Andrew, said: “I’ve known her since she was 15 and seeing what she did Saturday night didn’t surprise me at all,” Nixon said. “I’m very proud to call her my wife.”

Newlywed nurse performs CPR in wedding dress after tying the knot

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