A Wedding Flower Ideas Round-Up

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We’ve scoured online for some of the best wedding flower ideas and tips out there. Because love and marriage go together like flowers and weddings.


Essential Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

It’s good for the planet and your budget to have flowers that are easily available for whatever season your wedding is in. This guide will give you plenty of wedding flower ideas for bouquets, table dressing and more.

The Best (and Worst) Flowers for Allergies

Allergies are irritating at the best of times, and certainly not something you want for you or guests at a wedding.

Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Flowers

These 21 ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for all types of decoration from bouquets to seating.

Artificial Wedding Flower Gallery

Artificial flowers have an obvious advantage over real flowers in that won’t ever dry up, be out of season or cause allergies. Artificial flowers don’t have to look cheap or even artificial, as this gallery shows.

5 Easy Ways to Dry Flowers

If you do choose real flowers, this handy guide shows just how easy it is to dry and preserve them, which can be a lovely keepsake or gift of your wedding.


And finally, we can’t forget the bouquet toss:

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