Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part Two

great mother of the bride or groom tips


We hope you found our Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part One useful. We’ve got some more advice for you to bear in mind for your child’s wedding.

Set Your Own Time

Part of realistic planning is putting time aside for your own preparations. Whether it’s outfit shopping, makeup testing, dance practice or even writing a speech, setting time aside just for planning your own essentials for the day itself is as important as helping your child with the same process. More preparation means less stress, which is good for everyone.

Be Mother

Your adult child is getting married, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t rely on you as a parent to be there for them emotionally or to support you in family politics, depending on your relationship. You’re also going to continue to be their parent after the wedding as well as an in-law to their spouse, so keep on a good foot and start as you mean to go on with this new stage of their lives.

Don’t Act Without a Go-Ahead

You may be privy to your child’s plans for the wedding, but unless they say so, don’t make any moves without their consent. Plans can change at the last minute, and one of the last things anyone involved with a wedding wants is to deal with is making expensive or emotionally draining cancellation of orders, guests or clothes.

Check Your Look

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or groom, it’s best to check with your child to see if they have any look or theme in mind that you should consider when arranging your own outfit. Shopping for outfits (either for yourself or your child) is a great time to discuss this. If you’re the mother of the bride, you can either use the same hair and makeup artist or arrange your own – just make sure you don’t go for a similar final look!

Prepare for the Day

While you’re wrapped up in the preparations, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the wedding day itself will actually happen! Don’t get caught short. As part of our Tips for Wedding Day Makeup and Skincare – Part Two, we recommend packing a touch-up kit for the bride’s big day, and we would advise that you do the same for yourself (and maybe prepare yourself to be carrying your daughter’s kit if you are mother of the bride!). Also essential: waterproof mascara.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t put off enjoyment until the wedding day itself. Taking stock of all the reasons to be cheerful and allowing yourself to enjoy these unique moments not only help to reduce any stress, it also sets a good example to your child and their spouse if they are showing signs of the stress of Bridezilla (you can read Part One and Part Two of our guide for more on how to avoid such stress).


Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part One

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