Couple Gets Married Around the World

Couple Gets Married Around the World

A UK couple who got married in 8 different locations around the world have recently shared their story – and some amazing pictures.

Amelia and Brett Irwin initially planned for their wedding ceremony to be a single event in South Africa. However, when Brett’s brother announced that he was getting married around the same time, the couple found that their wedding plans were upended. Instead of getting upset, they embraced the challenge and decided to spend their wedding money on travelling for a month to 8 different countries around the world, getting married in each one, their final destination being Brett’s brother’s wedding ceremony in South Africa.

The only guest at all the couple’s wedding ceremonies was their 5-year old son. During their month away, the couple took 8 different wedding dresses with them for each ceremony. Amelia said: “We started in Paris and planned to go to Moscow. Then I was so keen on doing the Trans-Siberian railway, which includes Irkutsk, Mongolia, and ends in Beijing, which is where the Great Wall of China can be accessed. We both wanted to go to India. We flew over Nepal and stopped there too. We flew from there to Delhi and drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and then flew down to Mumbai where we stayed two nights, before heading to Mauritius.”

You can see the amazing wedding photos of this globetrotting couple using the link below.

This Couple Got Married In 8 Different Countries

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