Are There Really Only 10 Types of Wedding?

10 types of weddingAre there really only 10 types of wedding? This is the question raised by the recent publication of a Guardian article into “identikit weddings”, where the author chronicles her experiences of wedding planning after recently becoming engaged.

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s article is tongue in cheek, but as with any type of satire, there is a ring of truth about it. The types of wedding up for cheeky commentary are: Pinterest weddings (where everything looks like a Pinterest board come to life), barn weddings, the boho hipster wedding, and the neverending pre-celebrations of the American wedding.

Whatever stage of your wedding planning you are at, this article and the comments accompanying it is a good reminder to have a bit of humour and perspective about the whole process.

Something borrowed: the rise of the identikit wedding

Should you have an Unplugged Wedding?

unplugged weddingShould you have an unplugged wedding? In this day when everyone has a smartphone, and even the most out of touch technophobes have heard of Instagram filters, it’s hard to avoid a camera lens, especially at a wedding.

Many couples are now taking the decision to make their wedding “unplugged”, asking guests to put aside their smartphones, cameras and camcorders for all or part of their wedding celebrations.

While asking guests to avoid filming or photographing wedding ceremonies is common in churches, this is now a request becoming more acknowledged in non-religious settings. Most couples allow their guests to “replug” their devices during the reception, but many will ask guests to focus their attention on the ceremony rather than the focus on their camera.

If you do want photography during your ceremony, then it’s worth considering a trusted and delegated guest, or better still, a professional wedding photographer. This would allow your guests to sit back, relax, and share your special moment with you.

You can read more about people’s opinions and experiences of unplugged weddings through the link below.

The unplugged wedding: couples tell guests to put down their devices

Top Things for Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency KitA wedding emergency kit is a great thing to pack for peace of mind on the big day. It can either be part of your essential “top-up” kit, or kept separately with a designated wedding party member for real personal emergencies. Whatever you decide to put in it, or who to leave it with, we have some great tips for you.

Decide what goes in which kit

Your top-up kit is for things you will definitely need during the big day such as: makeup, perfume, tissues and deodorant. An emergency kit can comprise of things you would regret not having if an emergency did arise. This can include tweezers, painkillers, a nail file (or spare nails and glue if you’re wearing false ones), a hairbrush, plasters for your feet and spare phone charging items such as an extra/portable battery.

Decide who gets the emergency kit

If your emergency kit comprises of small items such as tweezers and plasters, it can be incorporated into your regular top-up kit. Bulkier items such as spare batteries/charging equipment for electronic items can be left with a trusted wedding party member or even a member of staff at the venue.

Pack and repack

It’s always best to test how easy your kit is to carry around and use. A large amount of small items can add up to a bigger than necessary load for you or someone else to carry around. Reduce the chance of this by packing and unpacking the kit in advance in order to assess whether you actually need certain items. Remember that you’re only packing for one day!

The Best Free Wedding Picture Apps

We’ve found some of the best free wedding picture apps to help you record your special day. Photographs are one of the most precious records of your wedding. Having an easy way for you and your guests to collect all the happy moments in one place is the first crucial step, so here are some of the best options for wedding photo apps.

Best Free Wedding Picture Apps - WedpicsWedpics (iOS, Android) [iOS download] [Android download] [website]

Wedpics is specifically designed for collecting and sharing unlimited wedding photos. Because of this, the app comes with additional features which can also help with your wedding planning, such as guest invitation and hosting wedding or venue information.

Guests are invited to Wedpics, and can either upload their photos through the app, or through the Wedpics website if they have a digital camera. You can also create albums for any part of your wedding, such as hen parties, rehearsals, or wedding showers.

Wedpics is hugely popular for a reason – reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many couples singing its praises in helping them capture many images from their wedding celebrations with ease.


Best Free Wedding Picture Apps - WedsocialWedSocial (iOS, Android) [iOS download] [Android download] [website]

Another app tailored towards helping you and your guests share wedding photos quickly and easily.

WedSocial has a few less frills than Wedpics, but what it does it does well – unlimited storage and easy downloading and sharing of pictures after the big day are the important things. The app also features the ability to share event information and the function to like and comment on photos.



3 Free Apps for Wedding Planning

Top Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Top Tips for an Outdoor WeddingThere are many reasons to want all or part of your wedding outdoors. If you have an open air venue that’s special to you, then there’s plenty of things to consider to make things run smoothly for you and your guests.

A venue which often has outdoor events will be prepared for the big details, but there are plenty of little details to prepare for which an indoor venue may not require.

Be covered

It may seem obvious, but there are many ways to stay covered. Gazebos and tents will keep people dry, cool and covered, but what about umbrellas, food covers, or even blankets? Depending on the location, length and time of year of the ceremony and reception, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is it covered?”.

Run with it

If you’ve chosen to have an outdoor wedding, then you should embrace the idea of having an outdoor wedding. Food, decoration, invitations, wedding party outfits and the general atmosphere can be influenced by your choice of venue and natural atmosphere. Finding out some interesting facts about the venue or sharing why it’s important to you is another good way to make it even more special.

Transportation consideration

An outdoor venue can have different transportation requirements to indoor wedding venues. Giving your guests plenty of notice in advance to prepare how the will arrive and leave will help take pressure off both you and them. Depending on the venue, hiring mass transport such as a bus or minivan could be the best way to transport your guests.

Wedding Car Hire Top 10 Tips

Moving guests

Beyond arriving and leaving the venue, the movement of you and your guests is an important consideration. Make sure you know if there are any guests with mobility issues, and that they are able to have full access. For venues with grass or sand, inform guests in advance that certain types of footwear may not be advisable.