Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part Two

Following up on how to Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part One, we’ve got some more simple tips for avoiding wedding planning stress.

Bridezilla pressure meter


1. Say Thank You

Knowing when to say thank you is important any time, but during wedding preparation it can be an excellent way of avoiding stress and making you realise just how many people are on your side and willing to help. Take a step back, appreciate the support you have, and be thankful.

2. Check Your Priorities

Is it worth driving up the stress levels of you and the people around you just for the sake of your wedding? Are you treating friends differently now they are bridesmaids? Does it really matter if everything isn’t perfect? Take a step back and try to look at things from an outside perspective. Writing a list in advance of what really matters to you (for example: “To have a happy day with friends and family”) can help at times like this.

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Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part One

Bridezilla pressure meter

Wedding planning can cause a lot of stress, and the effects of the pressure can often produce what is referred to as “Bridezilla”, a terrifying creature that can hardly be recognised by friends, family or even yourself. Here are some useful tips for noticing the signs and avoiding the symptoms.

1. Remember What it’s All About

A wedding is a huge event, but it is only for one day. None of your guests are going to notice if you had to compromise on your choice of flower, colour of tablecloths, or font for the invitations. They’re there to celebrate with you and your partner as you close one chapter of your life and go on to another.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

Whilst the wedding itself is just for one day, planning it can take months or even years, depending on when you set the date. If you find yourself stressing, micro-managing or generally overwhelmed by the details, don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, accept change or simply make a final decision for the sheer relief of scoring something off your list.

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Prewedding Celebration Ideas – Part Two

We hope you were inspired by our Prewedding Celebration Ideas – Part One. Here are some more fun and unusual ideas to inspire.


1. Tea PartyCup of tea with chocolates

With or without alcohol (or coffee!), a tea party is a fab way to have a group celebration. Vintage sets are available for hire for a true mad hatter atmosphere, or you can go low-key and use whatever you and your guests have in the cupboard and go all out on the food and snacks.



2. Prewedding PamperingHot stone massage

Whether it’s a massage, manicure, pedicure or a longer spa break, this is a great way to relax with a small group of close friends or members of your wedding party. If you’re feeling organised, this could be a good time to test out some wedding looks and ideas, or you can use it as a chance to clear your mind and completely relax.


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