Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part Two

great mother of the bride or groom tips


We hope you found our Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part One useful. We’ve got some more advice for you to bear in mind for your child’s wedding.

Set Your Own Time

Part of realistic planning is putting time aside for your own preparations. Whether it’s outfit shopping, makeup testing, dance practice or even writing a speech, setting time aside just for planning your own essentials for the day itself is as important as helping your child with the same process. More preparation means less stress, which is good for everyone.

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Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Tips – Part One

mother of the bride or groom tips

We have some great general mother of the bride or groom tips for you that will help you enjoy the ride with less of the pressure so you can enjoy the special role you have in your child’s wedding.

Being the mother of a child who is going to be married is an exciting time – and maybe even a little bit stressful! Every parent-child relationship is different, but these tips should help give you a general idea of how to start off and keep going on the right foot.


Set Your Role Early On

Once the marriage plans are in motion, talk to your child about what they may expect of you and what you can do to help them. Even if you (or your child) think certain parts of your involvement may be automatically obvious, it’s worth confirming expectations with each other to avoid confusion later on down the line. Which brings us to…

Be Realistic

Whether it’s the issue of money or volunteering duties, be open and honest about what you can and can’t provide. Traditionally, the bride’s parents paid for her wedding, but this is becoming less common as modern couples take a more bespoke attitude to all aspects of their wedding. Talking frankly about finances and other areas of support that you may provide will help your child solidify their plans for the celebrations, and remove a potential source of pressure by avoiding false expectations, over-promising, and under-delivering.

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Ways to make your wedding less annoying for guests – Part One

This article is part one of a two part series:

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Mother of the Bride Outfits and dresses – How to Shine!

After the bride herself, the one person all eyes are on at a wedding is the mother of the bride.

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