Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part Two

Following up on how to Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part One, we’ve got some more simple tips for avoiding wedding planning stress.

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1. Say Thank You

Knowing when to say thank you is important any time, but during wedding preparation it can be an excellent way of avoiding stress and making you realise just how many people are on your side and willing to help. Take a step back, appreciate the support you have, and be thankful.

2. Check Your Priorities

Is it worth driving up the stress levels of you and the people around you just for the sake of your wedding? Are you treating friends differently now they are bridesmaids? Does it really matter if everything isn’t perfect? Take a step back and try to look at things from an outside perspective. Writing a list in advance of what really matters to you (for example: “To have a happy day with friends and family”) can help at times like this.

3. Breathe

This is a great habit to get into, as you can turn to simple breathing exercises at any stressful time. From simply taking deep breaths to more complicated techniques, breathing is a quick and easy way to bring calm when you need it most.

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4. Exercise

Like breathing, exercise is a fantastic way to combat stress. It’s a great distraction, too. From a simple walk to a full-on cardio routine, the endorphins released from exercise can help clear and focus your mind to tackle problems anew.

5. It’s Your Day

Whilst this may sound like the most Bridezilla statement ever, it’s actually a good thing to bear in mind if you’re jealously scanning parts other people’s weddings. You can’t have all 50 of the delicious cakes you’ve seen online, or all the beautiful dresses you have in your bookmarks. In the end, it’s one of each for one day. Make it special to you and be happier with your choices.
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