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Tips for Wedding Day Makeup and Skincare – Part One

wedding day makeup and skincare

Wedding day makeup and skincare is about more than just sticking to your regular routine. Good skincare is a great habit to get into, whether you wear makeup or not. You’ll find that your skin deserves as much care and attention as the rest of your wedding plans.

We’ve put together this guide of things to bear in mind when you’re considering your skin and makeup for your big day.

Don’t Risk Reactions

The last thing you want on your wedding day is an allergic reaction to a change of makeup, hair product, washing powder or diet. If you you do need or want to make a change to anything that could affect your skin, it’s recommended that you don’t do it three weeks before your wedding. Leaving a longer gap between trying new products and your wedding means your skin has more time to recover if you do have a reaction.

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Wedding Customs Around the World #1 – Japan

What counts as traditional varies as much as these wedding customs around the world. In this regular series, we’re going to take a look at different types of ceremonies in various cultures.

Wedding Customs Around the World - Japan

Japan’s main religion is Shinto (closely followed by Buddhism), where traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies have their origin. Although Western-style Christian weddings have become the majority in Japan (even if the couple are not followers of the religion), many couples still decide to go the traditional Shinto route in terms of costume, location and ceremony for their special day.

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Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part Two

Following up on how to Avoid the Stress of Bridezilla – Part One, we’ve got some more simple tips for avoiding wedding planning stress.

Bridezilla pressure meter


1. Say Thank You

Knowing when to say thank you is important any time, but during wedding preparation it can be an excellent way of avoiding stress and making you realise just how many people are on your side and willing to help. Take a step back, appreciate the support you have, and be thankful.

2. Check Your Priorities

Is it worth driving up the stress levels of you and the people around you just for the sake of your wedding? Are you treating friends differently now they are bridesmaids? Does it really matter if everything isn’t perfect? Take a step back and try to look at things from an outside perspective. Writing a list in advance of what really matters to you (for example: “To have a happy day with friends and family”) can help at times like this.

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