Couple Discovers Their Wedding Venue is Pokemon Go Gym

Wedding Venue is Pokemon Go GymA couple recently discovered that their wedding venue was a Pokemon Go gym. Upon arriving at the Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, UK, Elizabeth Corps and Joe Whiddett were informed that the popular mobile game had designated their wedding locale as a battle gym.

Talking about the situation, Elizabeth explained: ‘as soon as our car pulled up to the reception my brother informed my husband that there were two Bulbasaurs in the car park.”

Guests who had downloaded the smartphone phenomenon spent parts of the wedding reception battling each other for ownership of the gym. Fortunately, the couple saw the funny side: “A lot of Pokemon talk happened at the wedding and I was worried it would steal our thunder but actually it was pretty fun getting photo bombed by the odd Pokemon,” Elizabeth said.

Pokemon Go did not exist when the couple booked their wedding, but we suspect it will be a factor in couples’ future wedding planning, whether it’s to avoid temptation or to allow guests to try and catch them all during the reception.

For more photos, we recommend you check out the link below:

Couple’s Wedding Venue Turns Out To Be A Pokemon Go Battle Gym

Couple Gets Married Around the World

Couple Gets Married Around the World

A UK couple who got married in 8 different locations around the world have recently shared their story – and some amazing pictures.

Amelia and Brett Irwin initially planned for their wedding ceremony to be a single event in South Africa. However, when Brett’s brother announced that he was getting married around the same time, the couple found that their wedding plans were upended. Instead of getting upset, they embraced the challenge and decided to spend their wedding money on travelling for a month to 8 different countries around the world, getting married in each one, their final destination being Brett’s brother’s wedding ceremony in South Africa.

The only guest at all the couple’s wedding ceremonies was their 5-year old son. During their month away, the couple took 8 different wedding dresses with them for each ceremony. Amelia said: “We started in Paris and planned to go to Moscow. Then I was so keen on doing the Trans-Siberian railway, which includes Irkutsk, Mongolia, and ends in Beijing, which is where the Great Wall of China can be accessed. We both wanted to go to India. We flew over Nepal and stopped there too. We flew from there to Delhi and drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and then flew down to Mumbai where we stayed two nights, before heading to Mauritius.”

You can see the amazing wedding photos of this globetrotting couple using the link below.

This Couple Got Married In 8 Different Countries

Guide to the Types of Bridal Veil

Types of Bridal Veil

One aspect of a wedding outfit is the veil, and there are many different styles and types of bridal veil to choose from. We recently covered Fun Facts From the History of the Bridal Veil, but now it’s time to get serious with the hard facts.

Some brides have found that they initially rejected veils, only to find that they really tie the final wedding outfit together.

While there are many styles of bridal veil available, there are seven standard lengths, which range from the shorter 45″ shoulder length style to the unmissable 144″ “cathedral” length.

Factors such as tiers, fabric, gathering, embellishments and edging also affect the final outfit. There are many options for lacework, beading and pretty details which can make a bridal veil truly stunning.

If you want to know more about the terms and tricks behind bridal veils, then we recommend the guide in the link below.

Unveiling The Veil | Ultimate Guide To Bridal Veils

For a beautiful gallery of examples of bridal veil styles, we suggest you check out this link below.

The Ultimate Bridal Veil Style Guide

Man Proposes to and Marries Girlfriend on Flight

Man Proposes to and Marries Girlfriend on FlightA man recently proposed to his girlfriend on a flight – then married her on the plane!

Jurgen Bogner and Nathaly Eiche departed from Vienna as partners and landed in Athens as husband and wife on their honeymoon.

The two-hour flight was passing by normally enough, until a choir singing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” appeared. Bogner then got on his knee and proposed to Eiche. After she accepted, the surprises continued, as Bogner then produced rings, wedding outfits, witnesses and an officiant for a marriage ceremony.

The bride was walked down the airplane aisle to the strings of a violin, holding a bouquet of white roses. The couple were married at 35,000 feet. Blogger Tatjana Catic recorded the proceeding through her social media channels, including videos of parts of the ceremony on her Instagram.

Austrian Airlines knew of Bogner’s plan, and helped him carry it through, even providing a wedding cake for him and his new wife.

Couple marry at 35,000 feet

Breastfeeding Bride Inspires Others Worldwide

Breastfeeding Bride

A very special wedding photo of a breastfeeding bride went viral recently. Christina Torino-Benton was getting married in Quebec, Canada, on the 18th of June when Gemma, her nine-month-old daughter with husband-to-be Daniel Benton, got hungry. “The wedding started and she was great through most of it, but a Catholic wedding runs pretty long so she got hungry,” Christina explained “At the church it was like 40 degrees, Gemma was hot, she missed her nap and was overall really crabby.” Christina sat amongst her guests whilst feeding her daughter. During this pause, the image which went viral was snapped by photographer Lana Nimmons. Christina saw it the next day and posted it on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page with the words: “That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry. Feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight.”

Christina’s words, actions and picture have inspired other women to brides to share their images. You can see the gallery through the link below.

19 glorious photos of beautiful breastfeeding brides